Polo 150

POLO 150 – 1869-2019 – 

What: Polo 150 is the 150thAnniversary celebration events of the beginning of Polo in the modern era and the formation of rules that have evolved to form the game of today.

When:  The first acknowledged game from whence it all began was in 1869, (“hockey on horseback” as it was referred to then) was organised by officers stationed at Aldershot, one of whom had read about a form of the game in India, in a copy of The Field magazine. Etiquette, followed by rules developed very quickly afterwards, as did the emergence of polo being played at many Clubs, Hurlingham being amongst the first (1874). The main UK celebrations will be around the existing Chapple Cup series therefore – 8-14 July 2019 this is not exclusive and other events will take place outside this period both in UK and globally.

Why:  Polo is one of the oldest surviving sports and it’s competitions pre date the FA Cup, Ashes and modern Olympics and so the 150th is considered a significant milestone and worthy of celebration.   Polo 150 presents a positive opportunity for the sport to explain itself to the public.

Unique things about Polo and the key Polo150 message

  • Strong connection and affiliation with Military to this day in UK and many other countries.
  • Men and women compete equally – only major contact sport where this happens at the highest level. Women have played in International teams with men.
  • Polo is a significant employer across the world.
  • Polo is philanthropic.
  • The incredible Polo Pony (without the sport it would not exist & vice versa).


Polo 150 events for 2019

April– PR launch UK and in all Polo Press.

July: main UK celebrations

14th-24thJune – Polo Africa Tour (23rdJune Royal Windsor Day at GPC)

29thJune -15thJuly – Polo online Auction

Thursday 11thJuly: Polo Match at Sandhurst – followed by Drinks Reception in Indian Army room

Saturday 13thJuly: Polo Match at Tidworth PC– with UKAFPA vs POLO 150 Invitational Team’ followed by a Party for military community, sponsors, MoD, special guests.

Sunday 14thJuly: Polo Match Guards PC– UKAFPA vs POLO 150 Invitational Team followed by English afternoon tea.

September  – Polo 150 Tour.  To include annual support for NSLM in Middleburg Virginia. Commonwealth Cup Benefit game.


UKAFPA Polo150 Charity:

We are supporting polo related charities across the world that alleviate hardship and encourage education.

To donate please send a cheque made payable to UKAFPA to 10a High Street, Pewsey, Wiltshire, SN9 5AQ, UK


online at Justgiving.com

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